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history of collage « Чернівецький медичний фаховий коледж
адреса Вул. Героїв майдану, 60

history of collage



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Chernivtsi Medical College

In1811the obstetrics school in Chernivtsi was opened; the term of study comprised 8 months.
In 1824 the instruction for the midwives of the school was sent by Galytskyi vicegerency.
In 1881 the Bukovynian Seym approved the statute of the regional maternity hospital and its functions concerning the obstetrics school.
In1914 the studying at the institution was stopped with the beginning of the World War I.
In 1919 the functioning of obstetrics school was resumed under the leadership (guidance) of director Octavian Georgiyan.
In1922 the statute of obstetrics school was changed. From now the term of study comprised 2 years.
In1940 Chernivtsi regional executive committee decided to open the surgeon’s and obstetrics school.
In 1941 the functioning of the school was stopped in connection with the World War II.
In1944 after the liberation of Bukovyna from German-Romanian invaders the functioning of Chernivtsi surgeon’s obstetrics school was resumed.
In 1947 – “The Nursing department” was opened.
In 1954 the surgeon’s obstetrics school was reorganized into Chernivtsi medical school. Since that time many departments were opened.
In 1997 Chernivtsi medical school became a member of Chernivtsi State medical Institute and on the basis of Chernivtsi BSMI medical school the meeting of deputy directors in education of medical schools and colleges of Ukraine was held.
In 2001 – regional seminar of deputy directors in education for higher educational establishments of the first-second levels accreditation was held.
In 2020 Chernivtsi medical college was reorganized into Chernivtsi Medical Applied College.
Since its opening and until nowadays college has been preparing a lot of highly professional medical specialists in the fields of Nursing and Obstetrics